13th Conscious: Eye of Da Naga Serpent2

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Image of 13th Conscious: Eye of Da Naga Serpent2

13th Conscious: Eye of Da Naga Serpent2, starts where Jerome having just been freed of a Controller Parasite with Misty's help' has a portal open behind him releasing Demonic Beings he has never seen before. Alerted of the situation, Mother Ankh commander Tate dispatches a fresh from a year of Hyper Training Nika to assist.
Elsewhere in the city, B13 gets the surprise of his life as Higher Abilities suddenly start to manifest in him. However before these new abilities can be explored, he will have to deal with the Type2Sar Demons and Wave Slaves sent to kill him.
Posing as a tenant a few doors down in the same building, Karl was already set to support the moment things got hot, but even he wasn't expecting how bold the enemy has become.
Lastly, Sia investigates the sharp rise in abductions and missing people, particularly children near the industrial section in North East Shikagoe.